Monday, May 31, 2010

Child Leashes Are Old School

I've long been amused by the child leash. Call it a backpack all you want, make it into a cute thing, it's still strapped to the kid and parents can lead them around by it.

That always makes me chuckle. Maybe because it's such a departure from my upbringing of being able to roam free on a 100-acre camp. Or because my parents made darn sure I was well-behaved in public.

What brought this topic up was I came across a great issue of National Geographic that features the kid leash on the cover.

And when was that published?

June, 1961.

All I can say is...awesomesauce.

Being all productive and whatnot today,


Pseudonymous said...

Haha you said awesomesauce. btw, im totally against childleashes but i cant help but laugh when i see them.

Erinlucks said...

Is it wrong that I laughed my ass off when i saw this? Even though I don't approve. Everytime I see this, i want to go up to the person, shake them by the shoulders and say, "Lady! It's not a dog! If you wanted a dog you should have just bought one - it would have been cheaper!"

Wyrm said...

Pseudo, thanks for commenting.

Erinlucks, it's not wrong at all. I always chuckle when I see people walking their kids.

Somewhat similar to that,a co-worker of mine brought in her baby to work and laid it in another person's lap. The baby proceeded to stretch and lay with all limbs flailed out. I almost blurted out "Oh cute! My cat does the same thing!"